When does it get serious?

17 December 2015

When you’re dating someone, it’s pretty obvious. You go out together, hang out at weekends, and probably do other stuff, too. But figuring out whether you’re just dating or in a serious relationship can be a grey area.

For some, you’re serious after three months of consistent dating; for others, it’s not until after you move in together. But it’s hard to know – unless you talk about it.

Relate researchers asked 6,000 people relationship questions, including what they think defines a ‘serious’ relationship. Half of all couples said ‘sharing problems’ is the top indicator that things are pretty serious.

That’s ranked even higher than ‘being exclusive’ (cited by 44%) or ‘getting married’ (cited by 39%).

Basically, conclude the researchers, if you don’t share your problems, you still have things to work on. In a great relationship you share the good and bad things in life and help each other through them.

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