When breaking point can become a turning point…

15 June 2016

Nearly 2.9 million people (18% of partners) in the UK are in relationships which could be characterised as clinically ‘distressed’, says Relate.

People who live in distressed relationships are three times as likely as those who do not to suffer from depression, and two and a half times as likely to suffer from anxiety disorders.

Relate’s new report Breaking Point also states:

  • In England and Wales, 42% of marriages lead to divorce
  • Between 200,000 and 250,000 parents separate every year
  • 1-in-10 people argue with their partner more often than not, most, or all of the time
  • Stressful life transitions place extra pressure on relationships – the transition to parenthood, the onset of a long-term health condition, financial strains, etc.

Family relationship problems are the number one reason for children and young people accessing mental health services.

‘Breaking Point highlights the importance of relationships in our lives by demonstrating the possible negative effects of family breakdown,’ says Relate.

Broken and unhealthy relationships can lead to debt, loneliness, health problems, depression, homelessness, and can have a profound effect on children. ‘However, we know that a breaking point can become a turning point with the right support.’

If you’d like to explore in confidence a turning point in your relationship, give our friendly appointments team a call on 01234 356350.



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