Tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship

16 February 2016

“If you’re afraid to tell your friends or family what’s happening in your relationship, it’s probably toxic.”

“If your partner directs, advises, or orders you to not talk to friends and family members, it’s probably toxic.”

Those are messages from one contributor to a chatroom discussion about tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship.

When you’re in the middle of a toxic relationship, others agree, it can often be hard to recognise the signs that something isn’t right.

Another contributor argues that invalidating comments followed by ‘niceties so you are instantly confused’ could be a sign that something is wrong. She adds that someone ‘overly playing the poor me act’ could be a signal that you’re being manipulated.

One woman reveals her own experiences of being in a toxic relationship, and writes:  “The person will try to control every part of your life and often force you to exclude your friends and family members, insisting that you give all your attention and energy to him/her.”

She also describes “being cross-examined every time you come back from anywhere and accused of sleeping around with someone else”, as signs of a relationship gone wrong.

Other indicators include:

  • A jealous or possessive partner
  • A partner who humiliates or insults in front of others
  • Having to change your behaviour in order not to make your partner angry
  • Constant criticism
  • Controlling of finances, what you should wear, and who you should be friends with.

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