Surely your luck will change in 2016

16 February 2016

This new year maybe, just maybe… your luck will change.

Each new year, hundreds, no thousands, probably millions of people ask themselves: ‘Why haven’t I been asked out?’

It’s not just you, we promise.

The Office for National Statistics calculates that 51% of the UK population are single (although their definition of ‘single’ is ‘not married’).

Half of us are single for all kinds of reasons, but it’s safe to assume that these numbers include a fair few, maybe like you, who haven’t yet met The One – because no one is making the move and asking you out.

The reason could well be that very few people are sure enough of themselves to ask anyone out, let alone anyone as fantastic as you.

Which begs the question: have YOU ever asked anyone out? Or does the idea make you shy away.

So… for all of us feeling a bit shy this New Year, here’s a seasonal quiz. Think of the person you really, really like – and now think about telling them that.

You probably have a sensation in your stomach that you usually only experience when you’re about to check your bank balance after the Christmas shopping.

Rather than disclose your secret, and leave yourself vulnerable to rejection, you’re safer surely to keep quiet and stay single.

Which is, just possibly, why you’re not being asked out.

So… when we wonder why we haven’t been asked on a date, it’s probably because, so far, we haven’t done enough asking ourselves.

Time to plan my new year resolution, methinks.



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