Summer wedding? Plan your lifelong relationship

7 July 2015

Most UK weddings take place in July and August – in fact, 42% of them. And brides spend 36 days in total planning their wedding, according to research. Three out of four have made most of the big decisions before even meeting their future husband, including whether to have a church wedding or register office ceremony.

But would-be brides (and grooms) are now adding an extra ingredient to their wedding plans – spending time with a trained counsellor, talking in depth about the commitment they are making to each other.

They’re asking themselves: ‘Have we talked seriously about our hopes and fears for the future?’ says Relate Beds & Luton chief executive Angela Foll. “They’re looking to plan a lifelong relationship as well as a day of celebration. Although couples who come to us are a bit bemused about what they might learn, by the end of it nearly all of them think everyone should plan for their relationship this way.”

Couples who want to include relationship planning in their wedding plans, through face-to-face, webcam or telephone counselling services, can call us on 01234 356350.

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