She’s gone up the wall

15 September 2015


Heavens! Normally she’s such a balanced, quite reserved, clinical supervisor skilled at listening.

But of late, Diane Whitmore has been going up the wall.

Diane, counselling supervisor at Relate Bedfordshire and Luton, has been learning the tricks of scaling a wall courtesy of young people at the TOKKO youth space, Luton – where the Relate team provide counselling services.

Relate has been counselling young people at the £4.5m youth space since it opened in 2013.

Wall-climbing is among activities aimed at stretching the imagination of 13-19 year olds and extending ambition and potential.

“I felt quite stretched myself,” says Diane. “I hadn’t done anything like this before and it was somewhat galling to see younger participants scaling up the wall with no problem at all. My young instructors were very patient.”


In our annual report, to be published later this month, we will reveal that in 2014-15 we have delivered 26% more hours of counselling services compared with the previous year – and more than half of that time (57%) has been spent supporting children and young people.

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