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1 December 2017

Last year over a million people turned to Relate for support. Help us to continue offering counselling to everyone who needs it by donating today.

Our research shows almost one in five married or cohabiting couples are in distressed relationships and over 1.4 million families are at breaking point across the UK.

We believe that people shouldn’t be excluded from getting the help they need just because they can’t afford it.

Donating to us means couples, families and young people can benefit from our highly skilled counsellors’ expert support.


What difference does counselling make?

Broken and unhealthy relationships can spiral into problems like homelessness, debt, loneliness, health problems, depression, and can have a profound effect on children.

Getting counselling at an early stage helps couples and families solve their problems together before they become more serious.

Who do we help?


While the shape of the modern family may have changed dramatically, our relationships with our families matter to us as much as ever. We know it’s important to offer support before family conflict leads to serious or long-term problems. Children exposed to high levels of conflict between parents are at risk of emotional and behavioural difficulties, problems settling and achieving at school, sleep difficulties and poorer health.


Relationships are good for us, and there’s plenty of evidence that we live longer and happier lives when we share them with someone we love. But it’s not always easy to keep our relationships strong. With everything that life can throw at us, we might not notice we’re losing our connection with our partner. Couples counselling helps people talk through anything that they’re finding hard, and equips them with the skills needed to help their relationship go the distance.

Children and young people

At the heart of our young people’s services is one-to-one support for children and young people affected by issues such as family breakdown, bullying, bereavement, the formation of new families or the absence of a family in their life. A study of school-based counselling found that 90% of teachers said that it made a positive difference to students. Relate is one of the largest providers of counselling and support services for children and young people.

How have we helped?

Julia, mother of four, attended Relate with her husband, Andy, when their relationship reached breaking point, says:

“We went to Relate when the pressures of work and childcare started to impact on our relationship. We were arguing a lot and our eldest son was noticing that we were at logger heads. We had hit a real rocky patch but with the support of our counsellor, we were able to turn things around.”

“Speaking to somebody objective was really helpful.  Since attending the counselling sessions, things have really improved and we’ve gone on to have another two children together. We now feel we communicate more effectively and have the tools we need to address any issues that come up.

I’d urge anyone to donate to Relate — I think it’s so important that everyone can access support for their relationships, not just those who can afford it. Unhappy relationships can have a terrible effect on couples and their children but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

About your donation

Relate Bedfordshire and Luton is a registered charity, our charity number is 1096688 Registered at: Relate Bedfordshire and Luton, 6 St Paul’s Square, Bedford. M40 1SQ.


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