Relate Bedfordshire and Luton’s tips for making World Cup time a family affair

4 June 2014

Relate Bedfordshire and Luton is offering advice to help families make the most of the World Cup season. The tournament, which kicks off on 12th June, has been known in the past for causing family rows over control of the TV remote and fans spending more time than usual away from the family.

But Relate Bedfordshire and Luton says it doesn’t have to be this way.

Relate family counsellor Chris Ackers said: “Many families might be dreading what can seem like inevitable rows during the World Cup. But actually, the competition presents a good opportunity to get involved in some family fun. It doesn’t matter if you don’t all like football – there is much more to enjoy than 90 minutes of kicking a ball around, if you plan it together and get creative.

“It can be difficult if some members of the family are passionate about football and take it very seriously, while others might want to hide away until it’s all over. But remember that family life is often about negotiation. For example, work around different meal times or set up different activities in a separate room from the TV.”

Here are Chris Ackers top tips for making the World Cup work for everyone this summer:

  • Organise a family sweepstake. Draw the team names out of a hat and assign them to members of the family. Create a chart on the wall that tracks progress and shows who’s in the lead.
  • Get creative in the kitchen. If the football itself isn’t enough to get you all excited, create some football themed snacks that everyone can enjoy, regardless of whether they’re watching the game. Flag themed appetizers or football shaped fairy cakes are easy and fun for kids to get involved with.
  • Talk about spending time between matches doing things that involve the whole family – like shopping trips or getting out in the fresh air to play a different sport together.
  • Work out when the fixtures are and arrange for those who would not enjoy the games to meet up with friends or settle down to watch a favourite film.
  • Remember – it’s only for one month, once every four years!

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