Friendship – by Relate’s Sue Reed

I was recently running some school sessions with a group of sixteen year olds about relationships. We were talking about friendship and what makes a good friend, and got into a discussion on how many Facebook friends they had.

Many of the group had over 300 contacts on Facebook, but is this real friendship?

Seminar helps schools tackle eating disorders

First Talktime seminar

On 20th March 2014 Relate Bedfordshire and Luton held its first ever Talktime training event at the Rufus Centre in Flitwick. It was attended by 24 senior teachers, safeguarding officers, heads of inclusion and pastoral heads from 16 schools across Bedfordshire and Luton.


Taking the curves – by Relate’s Sue Reed

There is an ad campaign for a bank that runs a strap line “for the journey”. It taps into the belief that human beings all share a similar journey through life – starting out, making partnerships, careers, children, juggling demands, hitting unexpected obstacles and so on. The campaign is very successful as it touches something deep in the human psyche about continuity and preparing for different life stages and trying to making them as smooth as possible.


New government report shows that Relate’s couple counselling delivers £11.40 of benefit for every £1 spent

A recent independent evaluation of relationship support services has demonstrated clear financial and emotional benefits to individuals and society as a whole. Specifically, the Department for Education-commissioned report found that Relate’s couple counselling service delivers £11.40 of benefit respectively for every £1 spent. This is calculated by looking at what costs are saved by reducing the likelihood of relationship breakdown. (more…)

Top Tips For Separated Parents This Mother’s Day

parentsapartSpecial days throughout the year can be tough time for separated families, with parents and children all too often feeling pulled in different directions over celebrations.

That’s why Relate Bedfordshire and Luton, has compiled tips for both mums and dads to help make the day special for everyone. (more…)

Relationship Coaching Workshop

Brand new 3 hour workshop starts on 27th March 2014

Coaching, unlike Counselling, is action based and solution focused.  Our workshop, is led by a qualified Life Coach, and will cover some or all of the following topics:

  • Building self esteem
  •  Eliminating emotional baggage
  • Attracting the wrong people
  • Conditional versus Unconditional love
  • Conflict management
  • The highs and lows of online dating

Cost: £ 45

Duration:  3 Hours

If you’d like to find out more about the courses we offer please contact our Education & Learning team on 01234 342503 or email us.

Losing a Parent – by Relate’s Sue Reed

Losing a parent

Buddhism has a maxim, “we are alive therefore we will die”.  This is a simple and obvious truth of existence but one which we struggle to come to terms with. Death and dying are often a big taboo in families, who would readily discuss other life changing experiences.

There is the natural expectation that parents will die before their children but nothing really prepares adult children for the loss of this relationship. When parents die we have to face a changed reality. The people who have brought us into this world and have known us for all our life are no longer there, so what is our place in this family when we become elders, who do we look to for support? Adults who have lost a parent will often talk of the intense loneliness they feel and some describe themselves as “orphans”, remembering the feelings and fears of early childhood.