New beginnings

10 December 2015

People of a certain age don’t always readily admit to using Relate’s counselling services. Chat with younger people and there’s nothing odd about finding someone to talk with in confidence. Their mates do it; they do it.

So it was a bit surprising when a lady of more advanced years came up at a public event where we were promoting our services and thanked us for the counselling sessions that might have restored her relationship with her husband – but ended in her decision to divorce. We remember her comment: “Best thing I ever did.”

That encounter came to mind when we read this week about another woman who celebrated freedom from her ex by throwing a ‘divorce party’.

For many, when marriages come to an end, it can be a time of depression, hiding out under the covers, crying for weeks. But for others it’s a time to party, a day to celebrate a new chapter in life.

“When I walked in, I cried,” said the party host. “But they were happy tears. When my friends started to arrive, all of them dressed up for the event with gifts (yes, you get gifts when you get divorced!), I thought I was living in a fairytale. The crying stopped.”

Divorce, she later concluded, didn’t have to mean you’d failed.

Quite the opposite in fact.

Give us a call at Relate if you’d like to talk with a counsellor about divorce. We’re on 01234 356350.

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