4 reasons why the man cave matters for mental health

22 April 2021

the man caveIs escaping to your man cave a joke in your house?  Well here’s four reasons why it’s brilliant for your mental health.

1: It’s a place to be alone.

Life is loud don’t underestimate the value of being on your own, surrounded only by your own noise. Choosing time on your own builds mental energy and resilience for life.

2: It’s a place to be purposeful.

Your man cave might be a garage, your Xbox or the garden shed. Wherever it is, it’s a place you go to be purposeful, where your attention is absorbed into a task and you get the satisfaction of completing a project. Focussing deeply on your hobby brings welcome perspective on other parts of your life.

3: It’s a place to connect.

Your man cave, as all men know, is a space away from everyone. Except… those people you invite in. You might game with friends; talk carburettors and pistons with mates or drink homemade brew with other homebrewers. These connections are incredibly valuable to your mental health; those you invite into your space are people you connect deeply with and can turn to when the going gets tough.  The depth of relationship is more important than the quantity of friends.

4: It’s a place to remind you of your value.

There are so many ways in which we can lose our sense of value and in your man cave you set your own rules and measures. It’s a place where your self-worth increase and as the unconquerable master of your own space you can go on and master the world outside.

Sometimes your man cave isn’t always enough. So, our expert counsellors are ready to help anyone, regardless of their gender, to find their strength, value and purpose again.

Get in touch today – we’d love to help you.

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