‘Lost art of talking’

15 June 2016

Do people today spend so much time communicating via text and social media that they have forgotten how to talk?

One therapist says so. Jan Artingstall says:”People have lost the art of talking about how they feel. It’s like we have gone back to being children who don’t have the language to communicate feelings.”

A common problem among couples is mistrust built around text messages sent between work colleagues and partners spying on each other’s online communications, she says.

Her advice is for couples to sit down for 10 minutes to talk about their day and take joint responsibility for the state of the relationship, rather than pointing fingers.

She also says children who see their parents fall out and make up are learning a useful lesson but daily and embedded conflict is damaging.

“Children are very perceptive to atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be a shouting match – they can pick up on stonewalling and tense body language.

“Children won’t say ‘Are you unhappy Mummy or Daddy?’ They just accept and absorb the atmosphere and feel unhappy inside.”

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