Couples Counselling

Relate is passionate about relationships. We are the first source of help when people face crises: divorce, separation, an affair or major conflict. However couple counselling can be a wise investment for any couple. Couple counselling helps couples build good communication skills which are the foundation of any fulfilling relationship. We encourage couples to access Relate at any point in their relationship to strengthen and develop it.

Counselling offers a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to talk individually and as a couple about the issues that are impacting your relationship.

Couple counselling is suitable for every type of couple whether same sex, opposite sex, married, partners, separated or divorced, any social background, race or age.

Whatever the life stage you are in - moving in together, getting married, becoming parents, parenting teens, retirement or facing bereavement - Relationship Counselling can help you navigate these life stages by strengthening you and your relationship, and supporting you to find a way forward that works for you.

Life presents couple relationships with many tough challenges around communication, their sexual relationship, physical and mental health, impact of affairs, work issues, finance, navigating step family and in laws. Counselling can help the couple work through these challenges and transform them into opportunities to strengthen and deepen their relationship.

Relate also supports couples who have decided to end their relationship. Relate works with individuals after the break-up of the relationship to work through the impact and support them rebuild their lives.

We also support co-parents to re-negotiate their relationship and build good communication skills around the needs of their children and help to support children as they adjust to their parents no longer being together

Whatever issues you are facing, Relate’s professionally trained counsellors will support you to find a way forward. We offer face-to-face counselling in venues across the county. If this is not convenient, you can talk to one of our trained counsellors over the telephone without the need for you to leave your living room. Just contact us for an appointment.

Let us help you to find the right direction.

For more information call us on 01604 634400 or email us.


"Relate has had a substantial part in saving my marriage and keeping the family together – thanks!"


"I was very happy with the service and it was a huge benefit to me, my husband and our relationship."


95% of our clients in post-counselling questionnaires said they would come to Relate in the future if problems arose.

"The Service was fantastic. The counsellor was very reliable and approachable. I would highly recommend Relate. Thanks for your support. It has contributed to saving my marriage."

"Relate has been a huge help in building our relationship back to its former glory - Thank you. We now talk regularly and positively."

96% of our clients would recommend Relate to other people.