Couples Counselling

At Relate we believe that intimate relationships are fundamental to our sense of wellbeing and happiness. We recognise, however, that through all the challenges of life maintaining a healthy relationship can be hard work.

Relate counselling is a great way of investing in your relationship, whether it is a new relationship or one spanning many years, in the midst of conflict or just a little jaded.

Couple relationships go through many different life stages – dating, moving in together, marriage, becoming parents, parenting teens, caring for elderly parents, bereavement and retirement. Each stage brings new joys but also challenges. These challenges can put the relationship under stress, causing conflict and a sense of distance, impacting sex life and general individual well-being.

Moving Forward

Our expert counsellors will provide a confidential safe space for you to explore the issues you are facing together. We can help you develop tools and techniques to build and strengthen your relationship and find a way forward that allows your relationship to flourish.

We recognise too that for some couples the best way forward is to end the relationship. Relate counselling will support the couple/individual to navigate the ending of the relationship and build new lives as individuals. If you have children together, we will support the development of co-parenting skills and communication skills, helping to minimise the impact on them of the relationship ending.

We offer telephone and webcam counselling for anyone in the county. Just contact us for an appointment.


"Relate has had a substantial part in saving my marriage and keeping the family together – thanks!"

"I was very happy with the service and it was a huge benefit to me, my husband and our relationship."

95% of our clients in post-counselling questionnaires said they would come to Relate in the future if problems arose.

"The Service was fantastic. The counsellor was very reliable and approachable. I would highly recommend Relate. Thanks for your support. It has contributed to saving my marriage."

"Relate has been a huge help in building our relationship back to its former glory - Thank you. We now talk regularly and positively."

96% of our clients would recommend Relate to other people.

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