Good mental health during Covid-19

The articles below describe many ways in which you can maintain good mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Pandemic decreases self-esteem

July 7, 2021

Just over a quarter of people in the East Midlands report decrease in self-esteem compared with pre-pandemic levels. Just over a quarter (26%) of people living in the East Midlands say their self-esteem has decreased[i] compared with pre-pandemic levels. In contrast over a fifth (22%) say their self-esteem has increased[ii], which was also the same… Read more »

Strength Through Self-Care: A journey with Gill & Sara

July 7, 2021

This series tells fictional stories of the counselling journey. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience, this story recounts how a couple discovered the importance of self-care to maintain a strong relationship. Gill & Sara were happily married for a number of years.  Both career-driven, in jobs they loved and loved their life together.  They had… Read more »

Debbie’s Anxiety-Busting Sandwich

June 12, 2021

Stage four of the roadmap out of lockdown is coming – even if the date is still uncertain. Uncertainty about the future, with new variants and lockdowns overshadowing new social freedom, can bring low-level or substantial anxiety. If you’re feeling anxious or apprehensive about what’s to come, Relate Northants counsellor Debbie has just the thing… Read more »

The Little Things

May 13, 2021

*Diane came to motherhood later in life. Her little boy *Bobby was her only child, so this experience was very precious to her as something she wouldn’t repeat. So, when the pandemic came she faced the loss of many hopes and dreams she’d had for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and her motherhood story predominantly happened behind… Read more »

A Story To Be Told

May 12, 2021

One of the most challenging seasons for women is motherhood. Becoming a mother deeply impacts your body – the physical process of birth and a massive disruption to your sleep cycle. It also has a huge impact on your emotions, being a season of extreme change in your daily life and relationships. And, with both… Read more »

You can’t be supermum every day

May 7, 2021

When we think of motherhood, we all think of the beauty of it. It’s a precious time full of love and joy… All of this is true, but this is not all it is. The other side of motherhood is coping with fundamental changes to your body. It includes massive emotional highs and lows, and… Read more »

Is my child struggling with their mental health?

March 22, 2021

How can parents know whether or not their child is struggling with their mental health? How do we assess or measure a child’s state of mind? This matters all the more today and even more now as they step back into the school environment after nearly 3 months away. Many children will take time finding… Read more »

Defeating the Poisonous Parrot: A Journey with Sonia

February 11, 2021

This series tells fictional stories of the counselling journey. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience, this story recounts how a young woman defeats her poisonous parrot and rediscovers her self-confidence. Sonia is a bubbly, cheerful, positive 20-something woman with an active social life and lots of friends. Or she was. During the pandemic, she regularly… Read more »

3 #covid Christmas tips for individuals

December 16, 2020

This Christmas may be more isolating for some due to the COVID #pandemic. Here at Relate we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a “Happy Christmas”. If you find yourself alone over Christmas, these three tips will help you create something special for yourself: Take time to connect with others. The Christmas season can be the… Read more »

4 reasons why the man cave matters for mental health

June 22, 2020

Is escaping to your man cave a joke in your house?  Well here’s four reasons why it’s brilliant for your mental health. 1: It’s a place to be alone. Life is loud don’t underestimate the value of being on your own, surrounded only by your own noise. Choosing time on your own builds mental energy… Read more »

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