Free Counselling

Thanks to national partnerships with many organisations, we're able to offer free counselling to people from all sorts of sectors.

We want to provide relationship support to as many people as possible. One of the ways we do this is through our national partnerships. We work with a range of partners, ensuring their users and beneficiaries can access free counselling services and support - whenever they need it most.

Our free counselling support is available to many different groups and people working in a variety of sectors. This includes grocery industry staff, RAF workers and veterans, bank workers, chartered accountants, those living with a brain tumour and many more.

These services are administered through Relate National & the partner organisations - but rest assured that you will be booked in with one of our counsellors, in Northamptonshire.

Check out the organisations below to find out if you're eligible.

Grocery Aid

Free counselling for employees in the grocery sector.

Bank Workers Charity

Free counselling for current & former bank employees and their families.

Retail Trust

Free counselling for children and young people of retail sector employees.

The RAF Benevolent Fund

Free counselling for RAF personnel and veterans.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

Free counselling for personnel, veterans and reservists.

The Licensed Trade Charity

Free counselling for licensed drinks trade people.

The Charity for Civil Servants

Free counselling for civil servants and their families.


Free counselling for members of the chartered accountant community.

The Brain Tumour Charity

Free counselling for those living with a brain tumour diagnosis.

The Seafarers Charity

Free counselling for fishing and merchant navy seafaring communities.

"Relate has had a substantial part in saving my marriage and keeping the family together – thanks!"


"I was very happy with the service and it was a huge benefit to me, my husband and our relationship."

95% of our clients in post-counselling questionnaires said they would come to Relate in the future if problems arose.

"The Service was fantastic. The counsellor was very reliable and approachable. I would highly recommend Relate. Thanks for your support. It has contributed to saving my marriage."

"Relate has been a huge help in building our relationship back to its former glory - Thank you. We now talk regularly and positively."

96% of our clients would recommend Relate to other people.