At Relate we believe that healthy family relationships support the development and wellbeing of everyone in the family. Healthy families are a source of encouragement, love and laughter and build mental and emotional resilience.

We recognise that families face many challenges today – parenting difficulties, workplace stress, redundancy, in-law relationships, ill health, divorce, step-families, bereavement, conflict. All this can put a strain on family relationships and communication. Extended family issues also bring unique challenges.

A flexible approach

Family counselling is a flexible approach to working with family issues. Who attends may vary week by week, from the whole family or part of the family to just an individual. It may also include multiple generations, nuclear or extended family. Our expert counsellors tailor their approach to each family’s unique needs.

Relate family counsellors are trained to help your family navigate the challenges they face by creating space for everyone to be heard and understood. We enable you all to build skills in communicating and working together to resolve issues.

Through family counselling, your family will develop tools and techniques that will build greater resilience and strength together. Your family will be equipped to navigate life’s challenges both now and in the future.

Help and Support for Separated Familieshssf small


If you, a friend or family member is going through a break-up, knowing what to do or where to turn to can be difficult. If you're a parent, you'll want to make sure you do what's right for your children. And if you're a friend or relative of someone going through a break up, you'll probably be looking for ways you can help. The Sorting Out Separation tool will help you work out what areas you need help with and find information on a range of issues such as parenting apart, housing, money and employment.

Alternatively, call us on 01604 634400 for an appointment with one of our professionally qualified family counsellors for support and advice.


"The counsellor helped us to see things in different ways and work out a way forward both as a family and as a couple"

"I came to my first session in tears and I'm leaving my last session laughing"

"It has been a bit of a shock in some ways but I mean a good shock, its helped us to be happier"

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