Counselling for Children

Relate Northamptonshire is passionate about seeing children flourish now and into adulthood, through healthy relationships and emotional wellbeing.

We recognise there is enormous pressure on children through challenges such as divorce and separation, step parents, witnessing domestic abuse, school related stress, bullying, peer pressure, social media, developmental transitions, sexual identity and so on.

Does my child need counselling?

It can feel difficult to know when counselling is the right route for your child. Counselling can be useful at any stage during a change or challenge. However, some of the below indicators might demonstrate that your child needs help negotiating the situation they’re facing:

  • A regression in some of their behaviours, such as a return to bed wetting
  • Not wanting to do things that they previously enjoyed, such as go to school or engage in hobbies
  • Loss of appetite, tummy pain or headaches
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Volatile emotional behaviour, such as bursts of anger
  • Becoming withdrawn

Our expertise

At Relate we have been offering counselling to children for over 20 years. Our service is designed for children between the ages of 5 to 15 years.

Relate young people counsellors provide a safe and confidential space for children to talk through the issues they are facing. We work with them to develop tools and techniques to manage those challenges and support them to access the resources around them.


"I didn’t think counselling would work for me, but it has changed my life"

"Offering someone to talk to who won’t judge has calmed me down – the help with anger/anxiety has been really useful"

"I attended this service, I found it easy to open up to someone that is neutral to my situation. This service helped me to gain a greater understanding of myself."

"What difference has the service made to you? - Lots! Relationships are better. Worry and stress are heaps better, anger has got less frequent, school work is better by a little bit. HAPPIER :-)!!"

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