IN or OUT?

30 June 2016

And so… for the vote, you’re LEAVE and your partner is REMAIN. Or it’s the other way around.

Relate’s Peter Saddington gave some timely tips in the Guardian Weekend about arguments couples may be having today.

“You need to think about how else you can approach a subject, and accept that two people’s points of view don’t have to match,” he says.

“It’s not easy, because you get emotional about a subject. So you need a different language to stop you getting so involved.”

Specificity, he says, is the key.

He advises: “Say: I want to talk to you about the EU, putting the bins out, or whatever it is – and don’t get drawn into anything else.

“When you try to cover multiple things, anxiety and anger take over, and a discussion quickly becomes something very different.”

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