How much sex you need for a happy relationship?

3 December 2015

According to a study in the journal  Social Psychological and Personality Science, the magic number is once a week.

The study used data on sexual frequency and happiness from more than 30,000 Americans who completed a social survey between 1989 and 2012.

It found that couples were happier if they had more sex, but that more than once a week didn’t increase their happiness.

The once-a-week rule held true regardless of age, gender or length of relationship.

The take-home message, says lead author Amy Muise, is that the pressure is off – the average person doesn’t benefit from having sex as often as possible. “Sex does not have limitless benefits for well-being,” she says. “Only too little is bad for you.”

This new study supports evidence from another in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization that found couples who were having sex about once a week – and were asked to double their amount of sex – enjoyed it less, and were slightly less happy than before.

Apparently, the average amount of sex American couples have is, indeed… once a week.

So that’s all good.

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