Funds run dry for free play therapy and young people’s counselling

8 July 2016

Increased demand for our play therapy and young people counselling has exhausted funds for our free services.

All funding for the Centre’s Talktime and Play Therapy services – including £112,000 awarded by Children In Need earlier this year – has been fully committed.

“We will continue to offer these services but reluctantly, we must now withdraw the service as a free service with immediate effect across Bedfordshire,” says CEO Angela Foll.

The Centre’s Board of Trustees has agreed to release some reserves enabling us to offer bursaries in a limited number of cases to support those that are unable to pay the full hourly rate. But regrettably now most parents will have to pay for the service.

Also, as a result of the increased demand waiting times for counselling have grown. Says Angela: “At Relate, the waiting time for play therapy and young people counselling has increased to months rather than weeks.”

To book an appointment please call us on 01234 356350 or email us.

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