Free telephone counselling and reduced rates for face-to-face and Skype counselling during January 2015

12 January 2015

The first full working week in January is always a very busy time for us as people get back to work and think about their relationships following the Christmas break.

To support relationships across Bedfordshire and Luton, we are offering FREE telephone counselling up to the end of January 2015. John, one of our relationship counsellors, is on hand to spend up to 30 minutes with you on the phone.

Also for all bookings made during January we are reducing the hourly rate for face-to-face and Skype counselling sessions. The initial assessment has been reduced from £47 to £45 and on-going sessions to £40.

To book an appointment call us on 01234 356350. Session times will be offered based on counsellor availability.

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