FREE counselling for children and young people resumes

3 January 2017

FREE counselling for children and young people is now available again.

We suspended free counselling for 5-21 year-olds in the summer when funding was forecast to run out due to high levels of demand.

But the good news for the New Year is that we expect to have enough money to reintroduce the FREE service – with immediate effect.

“The need for our children and young people counselling service has not changed over this period,” says CEO Angela Foll, “but by introducing a payment for the services it has allowed our funding to go further.

“We understand however that some families just cannot afford to support their children with paid-for counselling on top of everything else.

“Now that we can return to free counselling for children and young people we are pleased that any financial barrier for parents and young people to access the service has been removed.”

If you’re a parent and you’d like to inquire about this FREE service give our friendly appointments team a call on 01234 356350.

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