Don’t Waste Your Extra Hour – Dedicate It To loved Ones

22 October 2015

As the clocks go back, Relate Bedfordshire and Luton suggest spending the extra hour on those who matter most

When the clocks go back on 25th October, we will be blessed with an extra hour. But how are we going to spend it? How about making that extra hour really count and using it to invest in your relationships?

This is the advice being offered by relationships charities, Relate and Marriage Care. Their The Way We Are Now 2015 study in conjunction with Relationships Scotland found that we spend more time with our bosses than with our mums (38% of those in employment see their boss every day compared to only 27% for mums). The same study also found that nearly half (47%) of people with children under five (and who are in a couple relationship) never or rarely engage in outside interests with their partner, compared to 27% without children. With this in mind, the relationship experts believe we should be making the most of any spare time we can get.

Relate counsellor, Diane Whitmore at Relate Bedfordshire and Luton said: “When we’re so busy juggling careers, finances and childcare, our relationships can sadly be put on the back burner. An extra hour may not seem like long but it’s enough time to reach out to somebody in a really positive way and spread a little love and happiness. Whether you decide to focus on your partner, friend, child, or yourself, that little bit of extra effort is likely to go a long way and help to make your relationship stronger.”

Bridie Collins at Marriage Care said: “It’s often quoted that what most people say on their deathbed isn’t that they wish they’d made more money but that they’d spent more time with their family and friends. Our time is the most precious gift we can give to those who are most important in our lives. Sometimes, though, we take this for granted so why not take the gift of this extra hour and spend time with someone you love?”

Relate Bedfordshire and Luton’s six ways to spread the love in your extra hour

  • Call to say ‘I love you’ – Why not call somebody close to you like your mum, dad, grandma or son or daughter and tell them how much you care. Sometimes it’s nice to hear those three little words out loud.
  • Have a romantic lie in – Let the alarm clock go off at the usual time but instead of getting out of bed, spend the extra hour cuddling with your partner and anything else that might lead to. You’ll be sure to go to work with a spring in your step after that!
  • Set up a dating profile – Perhaps you’ve recently come out of a relationship and feel ready to start dating again. An hour is a perfect amount of time to set up a profile on an online dating website.
  • Reply to texts and emails – Not work emails, but that text from your friend asking to meet for coffee or that email from your auntie checking how you are that you’ve been meaning to reply to for weeks.
  • Have a sit down breakfast – How many families manage to sit round the table for breakfast these days? Often it’s simply not feasible but with an extra hour to spare, why not prepare a fry-up or a delicious fruit salad with yoghurt for the whole family as a treat.
  • Invest in yourself- If you’ve been really busy lately and are feeling exhausted, the best thing for you and your relationships may actually be to treat yourself to some ‘me time’. Perhaps read a book, do something creative like playing an instrument or drawing.

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