Don’t feed the fear: Good mental health during coronavirus

29 April 2021


don't feed the fearEven for those of us who don’t generally struggle with anxiety, this is an anxious time. But there is so much we can do to support our mental health while also following social distancing and isolating guidelines.

Fear, worry & anxiety often cause unproductive cycles of thought that spiral out of control. It has physical as well as mental impacts on our health. Fear can upset our digestive systems or ruin our appetite; it can even disrupt our sleeping patterns. But it can be defeated!

Don’t feed the fear

One of the best things we can do is not feed fear. Here are our top 3 worry-feeders and how to defeat them:

  • Too much information: the news and media are full of coronavirus hype and panic. These things usually don’t inform us more but they do make us more worried. When seeking information, visit government and medical websites, which will present you with facts and up-to-date advice. Choose when you’re going to seek this information and don’t look at any other time.
  • Coronavirus “gossip”: if all our conversations are about coronavirus, it will be the only thing our mind has to think about, especially when we go to bed. Limit your conversations about coronavirus – have coronavirus-free mealtimes, declare coronavirus-free spaces in the workplace and deliberately ask people about things other than coronavirus and its impact.
  • Social media: while social media is a great way of staying in touch with people, especially when we’re avoiding physical social gatherings, it also can a place where the politics, predictions and paranoia about coronavirus are given centre stage. Be mindful of your body when browsing social media. Notice the physical symptoms of worry: feeling hot and clammy, a headache or a churning stomach, for example. When you notice those symptoms, it’s time to do something else. Hop over to a messaging service for a coronavirus-free chat, or call someone, or go for a run instead.

It’s amazing what a few simple changes can do to improve our sense of mental wellbeing.

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