September 2015

We have said goodbye Alex, who was at Shefford, and welcomed a new receptionist who will be starting there this month called Christine. We also welcome Claudette who has started at our Pasture Way outpost.

We thank all our volunteers for there continuing hard work.


February 2015

Welcome to all our new volunteer receptionists; Alex Rowland, Polly Thompson, Beatrice Ashley, Barbara Davies, Donna Burbige, Tayler Tookey, Kathryn Patrick and Mikaela Callaghan.

It’s good to see Maureen Gumn, Vicky Ewan and Daphne Burrows back in Sandy and Sheila Anderson back at Flitwick fit and well.

Thank you to Katrina Mummery for helping out at very, very short notice and to all our long standing receptionists around the county who we could not do without.

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