Caught kissing by the riverside

29 July 2016

The first day of the Bedford River Festival saw local MP Alistair Burt and his wife Eve celebrating their relationship on the community stage.


They were taking part in our ‘Kiss-In’ to show that we’re not just in the local community to help with relationships in crisis but also to help strengthen good relationships.

Alistair and Eve talked with compere Anita from local urban radio In2Beats about what makes their relationship work for them.

In the queue behind were Relate Bedfordshire CEO Angela Foll and her husband Ian; and Mark and Joylet Hudson who run E-spired,  a Bedford-based support organisation for young people.





Just before the kissing and interviewing got under way, some had presented themselves with Anita in a rather more subdued pose.




If you’d like to talk with one of our counsellors about strengthening your relationship, give our friendly appointments team a call on 01234 356350.

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