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Top tips for managing panic attacks

Panic attacks are increasingly common. They are also treatable and you can make a full recovery and never have another one. Whilst they can be very frightening they are not dangerous. Some of the things you may experience can be scary but remember these will pass. Panic attack symptoms include: racing heart sweaty hands breathing… Read more »

You are not alone: finding help in the face of suicidal thoughts

Often, when you have suicidal thoughts, you can think “I am alone.” We absolutely recognise how difficult things may be for you at the moment, and you may feel that things will never change, that you can’t tell anyone one what’s going on inside or that it all feels too much to manage. Please remember… Read more »

Mindfulness Resources: Recommended by our counsellors and you

Mindfulness is a great way of understanding and processing our emotions, particularly in times of high pressure, change and intensity – like this Covid-19 pandemic. These resources are a collection of recommendations from our counsellors, trustees and you! If you have a resource you would like to recommend, please get in touch with us on… Read more »

How things change: relationships under construction

I have a ‘postcard’ in my hallway that reads ‘The road to success is always under construction”.  I often tell my clients that applies to your relationship too. Most relationships start off lighthearted, full of joy and expectation.  We ‘fall in love’ for all sorts of reasons and with that person everything is possible: sharing… Read more »

Relate Northamptonshire is looking for volunteers

    Did you know that volunteering is good for your wellbeing? Volunteers live longer and are healthier Volunteering establishes strong relationships Volunteering is good for society Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose Volunteering can give you the opportunity to: try something new gain experience develop skills improve your career prospects build confidence meet… Read more »

Cycling Mount Snowdon in Support of Relate Northamptonshire

Well Done to Gordon & Adam – they reached the summit on Sunday 28th April in 2 hrs 45 min and descended in just over an hour.  Great achievement despite Storm Hannah delaying your ascent!  Many thanks from all at Relate Northamptonshire for your support!  There’s still time to support them, just visit   … Read more »

Funds secured to sustain young people counselling

We and our charity partner Sorted Counselling Services have secured funding to sustain free counselling for young people at the TOKKO youth space, Luton.   The successful funding application was through Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation and its Luton Youth Fund programme. In addition, we have secured funds from BBC Children in Need enabling us… Read more »

Relationships in later life

Over 50? Why not take part in a survey about what happens to romantic relationships in later life, particularly after divorce or bereavement… How easy is it to move on and find a new relationship? And how do new partners fit in to existing family dynamics? We know some questions may be upsetting for some… Read more »

Hope to see YOU at the river festival

We’re looking forward to seeing long-standing and new supporters at the Bedford River Festival the weekend after next! As you know, if you’re a regular follower of our website news and social media, we’ll be ‘on stage’ with our Kiss-in at Mill Meadows from 11am on the Saturday (July 16) and we’ll have a stand… Read more »