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Relate Bedfordshire and Luton suggests relationship resolutions

Relate Bedfordshire and Luton is encouraging people to make a relationship resolution in support of Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place from 16-22 May and is on the theme of relationships. Relationships and wellbeing are closely linked – when asked by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) what matters most to our wellbeing, relationships… Read more »

Funding Secured for Couple Counselling in Luton – Local Family Offer Pilot Project

Flying Start is Luton’s pregnancy to five strategy which focuses on improving outcomes for babies and children. Flying Start has secured grant funding for one year (until 31st March 2017) from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for a pilot programme known as the Local Family Offer. This work is part of the governments… Read more »

How to stay together, forever

Author Andrew Marshall gives his advice on staying together. Learn how to argue We have this idea that we will find a soul partner who will agree with us on everything. This is a myth and often makes people feel that they are not allowed to disagree with their partner, which can be disastrous. The… Read more »

‘Sexting’: the impact on relationships

In a week when MPs have been focusing attention on ‘sexting’, and other sexual pressures, in schools, there’s also been a timely reminder that ‘sexting’ can be prevalent in all relationships, across the age spectrum. For people who ‘sext’, says Relate counsellor Ammanda Major, it tends to be curiosity and maybe boredom with the humdrum… Read more »

Counselling centre wins NHS contract to increase free counselling in Luton

The Counselling Foundation in partnership with Relate Bedfordshire and Luton have announced that they have been successful in their bid as the preferred provider to work with East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) to deliver 4,000 counselling sessions for people living in Luton each year. The Foundation, a local charity in Luton and Relate Bedfordshire and Luton… Read more »

Strengthen your relationship

Sometimes when your relationship starts to go off the boil it’s worth checking out our relationship checklist and focusing on what’s missing. It lists five aspects of a relationship: Empathy Communication Conflict Commitment Love There are probably more you could suggest… but perhaps these are the fundamentals to at least start the process of strengthening… Read more »

What Do You Expect?

The higher a couple’s expectations of marriage, the more likely the union is doomed to failure, according to a recent study. When couples have low expectations they are easily reached – and they are happier than couples who have higher expectations. The psychologist in charge of the research, Dr James McNulty, advises newlyweds to ‘realise… Read more »

Relationships Bootcamps: Are They Right For You?

A ‘relationship bootcamp’ in a five-star hotel in Hampshire – designed to save your relationship in three to seven days without dragging up the past – has raised a few sceptical eyebrows. Bootcamp creator David Keighley – a former NHS psychotherapist who practised for 33 years, and also an Anglican parish priest – contends that… Read more »

Go on – join us for our Kiss-In!

Make a date now – join us for a ‘Kiss-In’ at the Bedford River Festival on the weekend of July 16-17. We’ll be inviting couples to come on stage to kiss then talk with compere Anita, presenter with Bedford’s urban radio In2Beats, about what makes their relationship work for them. It’s all happening on the… Read more »