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Tools for Transformation: Dave’s Counselling Journey

When Dave rang our support team, he felt it was his last chance.  He moved in with his partner four years ago. They were both divorced with grown-up children from their previous marriages.  As with many couples in this situation, from the outside they looked like a perfect pair. They loved having family gatherings with… Read more »

Top Tips for Christmas Mental Health

Magic family time together around the Christmas tree… Laughter, smiles and love… Christmas never quite lives up to our expectations, does it?! In fact, it’s one of the most challenging times of year for relationships. A recent poll by Relate National said 78% of people in the East Midlands expect Christmas to put pressure on… Read more »

Pandemic decreases self-esteem

Couple sitting together under dark clouds

Just over a quarter of people in the East Midlands report decrease in self-esteem compared with pre-pandemic levels. Just over a quarter (26%) of people living in the East Midlands say their self-esteem has decreased[i] compared with pre-pandemic levels. In contrast over a fifth (22%) say their self-esteem has increased[ii], which was also the same… Read more »

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

My boundaries diagram

One thing Covid-19 has massively altered in our societies is boundaries and personal space. Over a year of social distancing outside our own bubbles has embedded social boundaries we would never have imagined before. What are healthy boundaries? Here’s some advice from Relate Northants counsellor Sharon. Sharon on Healthy Boundaries Our preferences around personal space… Read more »

The Perfect Friday Night Family Quiz

We all love a good quiz! Especially a personality quiz, telling us things that are so true we can’t believe we hadn’t noticed yet. And that’s exactly what this family love languages quiz does… This Family Love Languages Quiz (found on the Five Love Languages website) is a great way for a family to find out… Read more »

3 #covid Christmas tips for couples

#Covid has put immense pressure on our relationships, testing strength and resilience as a couple. So how do can we do Christmas well? Here are our 3 tips for couples: Make a rough plan together for your Christmas. You can avoid many disagreements if you have similar expectations for the holiday – and you can… Read more »

Rethinking Sex: A Journey with Steve & Jen

This series tells fictional stories using made-up names of the journey people experience through counselling. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience every client’s story is unique; what remains the same is our desire to helping you with who you want to be. At the start When Steve & Jen came to sex therapy, they were… Read more »

Negotiating Difference

A lot has been written about why people fall in love.  It’s the first question I ask couples that come to see me.  Sometimes it’s simple: “We’re good friends and it felt right to move to the next stage”.  For some it’s a physical attraction or finding someone they can talk to about anything. For… Read more »

How things change: relationships under construction

I have a postcard in my hallway that reads ‘The road to success is always under construction”.  I often tell my clients that applies to your relationship too. Most relationships start off light-hearted, full of joy and expectation.  We ‘fall in love’ for all sorts of reasons and with that person everything is possible: sharing… Read more »