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Take your time with online dating

If you’ve never tried online dating before, it can seem like a minefield. You might be worried about not understanding how it works, or whether you’ll be any ‘good’ at it. It can feel like it’s a strange way to meet people – perhaps unnatural or awkward. You may also have concerns about the kind of… Read more »

Does flirting matter?

Locking eyes with someone and letting the moment linger – does that count as flirting? How about exchanging compliments on each other’s Instagram photos? And if flirting is defined as behaviour which suggests you are sexually attracted to someone – but stopping short of saying it outright – is it a form of cheating if you… Read more »

Rules for arguments

The first argument is something of a relationship milestone. But how can you survive it and come out stronger? Relate relationship counsellor Barbara Bloomfield has been sharing her expertise. When we fall for someone and want to develop a long-lasting relationship with them, usually the last thing we want is for difference and discord to… Read more »

When should you leave a relationship?

There’s no formula for knowing when you should leave a relationship – it can be really stressful and confusing trying to make a decision. You may think things haven’t been right for a while but still feel undecided about whether you could work through your issues. While you might clearly remember how good things used… Read more »

How Relationship Counselling can help if you’re single

If you’re single, the idea of going to ‘Relationship Counselling’ might seem a bit inappropriate. You’re not alone. Lots of people think that Relationship Counselling is all about couples and isn’t relevant if you don’t have a partner. Not true. At Relate we work with lots of individuals of all ages, both men and women,… Read more »

Starting over

It can be scary getting back into dating after a long break. Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship or married for years, but have now found yourself single again. Or maybe you’ve decided to try and meet someone having spent a period of time on your own. You might be trying to decide how you… Read more »

So what makes a good relationship?

Empathy Sometimes, arguments reach a stalemate because neither partner is willing to listen to what the other is saying. But listening to one another and trying to understand how each other is feeling doesn’t mean changing your own ideas or even necessarily admitting you’re wrong; it just means showing your partner you care about how… Read more »