Caring for your community: Good mental health during coronavirus

29 April 2021

Anxiety has a powerful pull. It pulls us into ourselves and our immediate world. It occupies our energy and our attention, and becomes the lens through which we see everything else.

A great antidote to anxiety therefore is to look out for others. We all have vulnerable people in our communities, and a part of the purpose of social distancing is to protect the physical health of these people.

pensive older womanHowever, there is so much we can do from over 2 metres away that will also protect their mental health.
  1. Identify a few vulnerable neighbours you want to look out for. Drop a note through their door with your number inviting them to give you a call if they want a chat or need some help.
  2. If you pass them on the street or see them over the garden fence, make an effort to say hello and ask how they are from a safe distance.
  3. Do you know that Daisy at number 9 loves needlecraft? Pick up a craft magazine while doing your food shop. Perhaps Phil & Margaret love puzzles – give them one of yours so they’ve got something new to do.
  4. Make a list of those you know who are elderly or vulnerable. Every day, create something – a letter, a card, a picture – and post it to them. It can really brighten someone’s day to receive something in the post. It’s also a great activity to get the kids involved with. Have they created something as a part of homeschooling? Let them choose someone off the list to send it to.

Don’t overburden yourself with all the houses on your street. Choose your most immediate vulnerable neighbours and make it your mission to help them through the next few months. It will lift your mood too!

If you’re struggling, whether you’re vulnerable yourself and self-isolating, or feeling overwhelmed by it all, we’re here for you. We can’t see you in person, but we can book appointments for telephone or webchat. Get in touch to find out how we can help you through this time: 01604 634400.

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