3 #covid Christmas tips for couples

22 April 2021

#Covid has put immense pressure on our relationships, testing strength and resilience as a couple. So how do can we do Christmas well? Here are our 3 tips for couples:

  1. Make a rough plan together for your Christmas. You can avoid many disagreements if you have similar expectations for the holiday – and you can work together on a plan that reflects both of your needs over Christmas.
  2. Don’t underestimate the value of alone time. Balance time with others, time as a couple and time alone. Give each other room to rest, emotionally and mentally, so that your time together can be blessed.
  3. Make a date night together to reflect on the past year. Talk about the things you’ve gotten better at as a couple, and how you can build on them in the coming year.

Whether this year has been difficult for you as a couple, or has brought you closer together, these tips can help bring refreshing and closer intimacy in preparation for the year to come.

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