3 #covid Christmas tips for families

16 December 2020

The #pandemic has been an intense time for many families with younger children. Five days of semi-normal life may actually feel overwhelming for some young children and (let’s face it) some adults too. And of course afterwards, we are back into our small bubbles, with a very limited social circle. So, planning ahead for this holiday enables families to have positive time together. For our 3 #covid Christmas tips for families, we recommend:

  1. Space to be. Allow all members of the family some time and space to just ‘be’ and not having to be constantly ‘doing’. This can be done together or individually.
  2. Outdoor refreshment. Go out for a walk! It doesn’t have to be a very long one, but try and include a visit to a park or somewhere to play in fresh air.
  3. Family games. ‘Play’ together if at all possible. This can be board games or outdoor games, whatever is easily available.

Embracing this season for what it brings us can really help. The opportunities to bond and hang out as a family are ample – and set the foundation of close relationships for the coming years. A little intentional planning can help this Christmas be a precious time.

If your family needs support because of the upheaval of the pandemic, we can help you find your balance again. Find out about family counselling.

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