1 in 3 couples can’t remember the last time they had sex

29 April 2016

A recent survey found that one in three couples can’t remember the last time they were intimate, with one in ten admitting they no longer have a sexual relationship at all. So eight GLAMOUR readers were asked to share their stories. The good news? There’s no such thing as normal…

A month ago

“We have a baby and a one-bedroom flat, so there’s not much time – or privacy. But we were at a wedding and his parents were babysitting. Back in our hotel room, we felt like awkward teenagers again, saying things like, ‘Is this OK?’ Cringe. Gradually, we found our rhythm and had sex again the next morning.” Ashley, 32, married for four years

It’s been a while

“We had sex six times last year, and I think not having sex has shown how strong our relationship is. But though I definitely feel closer to my husband this year, I also know we really need to have sex soon.” Ruth, 35, married for five years

About three months ago

“It was my second date with a guy and we were both pretty drunk. It started out quite hot – he was a great kisser – but then he fell asleep while I was giving him a blow-job. I can’t even…” Emma, 30, single

Last night

“I keep sleeping with this guy I have no future with – we can’t talk without arguing, but the sex is amazing. Last night, after a couple of texts, he came to my flat and pinned me to the bed. Shame we can’t get on outside the bedroom.” Courtney, 29, single

This morning

“We have morning sex at least twice a week. If I wake up feeling horny, I’ll guide his hand into my knickers and he knows what to do.” Sandra, 32, in a relationship for six months

Six weeks ago

“We’re both stressed at the moment, so it’s hard to feel sexy. But the last time we did have sex, I fantasised about my ex. So yeah, not very romantic.” Kelly, 28, in a relationship for three years

Last night

“And it was meh. We’ve just moved in together and there’s this feeling like we ‘should’ be having sex all the time, just because we can. I’m hoping it won’t have to be a nightly thing now.” Annie, 29, in a relationship for one year

Two nights ago

“I was out with friends and the conversation had turned to the exciting one-night stands we’d had in our early twenties. When I got home, I jumped on my boyfriend and we had sex on the couch.” Kate, 33, in a relationship for three years

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