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We love working with people to help them live well in today’s society - including the particular pressures on our communities at the moment. Our counselling services are a great way of investing in yourself and your relationships. We can enable you to enjoy life to the full by building healthy relationships and developing resilient mental wellbeing.

We are currently able to provide FREE counselling to individuals and young people particularly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

We provide counselling through a number of formats, so you can choose one to suit you. You can access counselling through virtual sessions or telephone appointments. Face-to-face appointments will resume when it is possible to do so.

We offer a range different services to meet all your needs. This includes counselling individuals, couples, families, young people and children and sex therapy. People come with a huge range of different issues, whether that's grief, anxiety or relationship struggles related to the coronavirus pandemic or one of the many life issues we all face.


With over 60 years’ experience of relationship support, Relate Northamptonshire is here to help you - whatever your age, background, sexual orientation or gender identity. Our expert counsellors will offer you confidential space to talk through your concerns and support you to find a way forward, so that you can emerge stronger.

Top Tips for Christmas Mental Health

December 13, 2021

Magic family time together around the Christmas tree… Laughter, smiles and love… Christmas never quite lives up to our expectations, does it?! In fact, it’s one of the most challenging times of year for relationships. A recent poll by Relate National said 78% of people in the East Midlands expect Christmas to put pressure on… Read more »

Learning to Listen: Stina’s Counselling Journey

November 22, 2021

  This series tells fictional stories of the counselling journey. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience, this story recounts how a young teenager discovers better connection and mental health through learning to listen. 15-year-old Stina was a chatty, smiley teenager with many friends. Her friendships could sometimes be volatile, but after arguments were quickly restored…. Read more »

Men’s Heads & Hearts

October 12, 2021

One in five men in the East Midlands think that men should pay the bill on a date New Men’s Heads and Hearts report from Relate and eharmony unpicks complexities of dating and relationships in the 21st century One in five men (20%) in the East Midlands still think the man should pay the bill… Read more »

A Series of Small Steps: Jon’s Counselling Journey

October 6, 2021

This series tells fictional stories of the counselling journey. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience, this story recounts how a man overcomes his mental health challenges through counselling and begins to rebuild his relationship with his family. Jon was not sure at all about coming to counselling. His colleague from work recommended it to him… Read more »

Out of the shell: A journey with Aly

August 23, 2021

This series tells fictional stories of the counselling journey. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience, this story recounts how a young teenager builds her self-esteem and confidence as she explores her gender identity. Aly’s parents contacted Relate after months of growing concern about their 14-year-old daughter. Over the last six months, she’d slowly retreated. Their… Read more »

Pandemic decreases self-esteem

July 7, 2021

Just over a quarter of people in the East Midlands report decrease in self-esteem compared with pre-pandemic levels. Just over a quarter (26%) of people living in the East Midlands say their self-esteem has decreased[i] compared with pre-pandemic levels. In contrast over a fifth (22%) say their self-esteem has increased[ii], which was also the same… Read more »

Strength Through Self-Care: A journey with Gill & Sara

July 7, 2021

This series tells fictional stories of the counselling journey. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience, this story recounts how a couple discovered the importance of self-care to maintain a strong relationship. Gill & Sara were happily married for a number of years.  Both career-driven, in jobs they loved and loved their life together.  They had… Read more »

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

June 16, 2021

One thing Covid-19 has massively altered in our societies is boundaries and personal space. Over a year of social distancing outside our own bubbles has embedded social boundaries we would never have imagined before. What are healthy boundaries? Here’s some advice from Relate Northants counsellor Sharon. Sharon on Healthy Boundaries Our preferences around personal space… Read more »

Identifying Time: A mindfulness tool from Yvonne

June 14, 2021

Approaching the end of lockdown brings the opportunity to live differently. We don’t have to go back to how things were before if we don’t want to.  So how do we figure out where we want to be? Yvonne, a Relate Northants counsellor, gives you the following tips on… Identifying Time Nothing else has affected a… Read more »

Debbie’s Anxiety-Busting Sandwich

June 12, 2021

Stage four of the roadmap out of lockdown is coming – even if the date is still uncertain. Uncertainty about the future, with new variants and lockdowns overshadowing new social freedom, can bring low-level or substantial anxiety. If you’re feeling anxious or apprehensive about what’s to come, Relate Northants counsellor Debbie has just the thing… Read more »

Rainbow flag for LGBTQWe offer an inclusive service, available equally to all people.

"Relate has had a substantial part in saving my marriage and keeping the family together – thanks!"


"I was very happy with the service and it was a huge benefit to me, my husband and our relationship."

95% of our clients in post-counselling questionnaires said they would come to Relate in the future if problems arose.

"The Service was fantastic. The counsellor was very reliable and approachable. I would highly recommend Relate. Thanks for your support. It has contributed to saving my marriage."

"Relate has been a huge help in building our relationship back to its former glory - Thank you. We now talk regularly and positively."

96% of our clients would recommend Relate to other people.

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