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We are still here for you.

During the Covid19 crisis, we are offering FREE counselling to individuals, families & young people.

Because of the current pandemic, we can't meet with you in person. But we are running virtual counselling sessions and telephone appointments. #itstimetotalk and we're here to listen, whoever you are. No problem is too small or too big for us.

We love working with people to help them live well in today’s society - including the particular pressures on our communities at the moment. Our counselling services are a great way of investing in yourself and your relationships. We can enable you to enjoy life to the full by building healthy relationships and developing resilient mental wellbeing.

We offer a range different services to meet all your needs. This includes counselling individuals, couples, families, young people and children and sex therapy. People come with a huge range of different issues, whether that's grief, anxiety or relationship struggles related to the coronavirus pandemic or one of the many life issues we all face.


With over 70 years’ experience of relationship support, Relate is here to help you - whatever your age, background, sexual orientation or gender identity. Our expert counsellors will offer you confidential space to talk through your concerns and support you to find a way forward, so that you can emerge stronger.

Top tips for managing panic attacks

July 2, 2020

Panic attacks are increasingly common. They are also treatable and you can make a full recovery and never have another one. Whilst they can be very frightening they are not dangerous. Some of the things you may experience can be scary but remember these will pass. Panic attack symptoms include: racing heart sweaty hands breathing… Read more »

4 reasons why the man cave matters for mental health

June 22, 2020

Is escaping to your man cave a joke in your house ?  Well here’s four reasons why it’s brilliant for your mental health. 1: It’s a place to be alone. Life is loud don’t underestimate the value of being on your own, surrounded only by your own noise. Choosing time on your own builds mental… Read more »

You are not alone: finding help in the face of suicidal thoughts

June 16, 2020

Often, when you have suicidal thoughts, you can think “I am alone.” We absolutely recognise how difficult things may be for you at the moment, and you may feel that things will never change, that you can’t tell anyone one what’s going on inside or that it all feels too much to manage. Please remember… Read more »

The Promise Jar: Help your kids turn sadness into hope

May 25, 2020

Our kids may be expressing sadness about lots of things at the moment, in lots of different ways – through anger, clinginess, regression… So how do we help them process their sadness and turn it into hope? In the below video, Caroline (our Clinical Superviser) talks about the power of a promise jar…  

Mindfulness Resources: Recommended by our counsellors and you

May 18, 2020

Mindfulness is a great way of understanding and processing our emotions, particularly in times of high pressure, change and intensity – like this Covid-19 pandemic. These resources are a collection of recommendations from our counsellors, trustees and you! If you have a resource you would like to recommend, please get in touch with us on… Read more »

How to get help

Call our friendly appointments team on 01604 634400. We’ll help you think about whether you’d like to talk with a counsellor:

Via webcam or over the telephone

At present we are delivering all our counselling services via telephone or webcam.  We have suspended all face to face work, but please do call us on 01604 634400 if you need support from our fantastic remote counselling service. We can offer you a choice of daytime or evening remote counselling sessions.

Contact us by phone


01604 634400

Our phone lines are open to take your calls  Monday - Friday between 9.00am - 5.30pm

You can leave a message outside of these hours and we will call you back ASAP.

Latest articles

Rethinking Sex: A Journey with Steve & Jen

September 22, 2020

This series tells fictional stories using made-up names of the journey people experience through counselling. Drawn from our counsellors’ extensive experience every client’s story is unique; what remains the same is our desire to helping you with who you want to be. At the start When Steve & Jen came to sex therapy, they were… Read more »