Working with Domestic Abuse

All Relate Counsellors are trained to understand domestic abuse and the impact of it upon relationships. Relate recognises that 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse within their lifetime. If you are affected by domestic abuse, you can talk to us about it. Within this context Relate offer the following:

Couple Work

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, Relate will need to understand the level and extent of abuse within the relationship as it may be unsafe to work with both parties. You may be asked to complete seperate structured interviews with your counseller and they will determine whether ongoing counselling can continue. Couple work can not be guaranteed until this process has been undertaken. We must do this to ensure that couple work can happen openly and safely, for all parties involved.

Victim/Survivor Work

Relate can work individually with survivors of domestic abuse and provide services in partnership with different organisations throughout the county.

To arrange an appointment, please telephone 01604 634400.

Perpetrator Service

Relate recognises that some of our clients will have experienced or will be experiencing domestic abuse, this can be from either a victim’s or a perpetrator’s perspective. It is our agency’s policy to protect victim or survivors and their family by providing safe services for this client group.

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